Curriculum Advice and Support

  • The South Gloucestershire Music Hub is committed to ensuring that there are high quality musical activities to meet the needs of all children and young people
  • The Department for Education have asked that all music education hubs produce a School Music Education Plan, outlining how each hub and its local schools will work together
  • The Music Hub senior management team have significant experience of helping schools develop music schools working with class teachers, subject co-ordinators/leaders, head teachers and governors
  • They can work on a one-to-one basis or with groups of staff or governors.
  • To help schools evaluate their musical provision accurately and plan for its development
  • To provide access to targeted follow on support on a bespoke basis for each school based on their own areas for development.
  • Each school is entitled to a FREE one hour music audit visit which will identify the current strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to develop current provision
  • Schools can then build an improvement programme using a package of advice and support from the Music Hub.
  • The audit will be completed by Richard Jones, Music and Arts Strategy Manager or Christine Wright, Teaching and Learning Music Adviser
Follow up visits are available. This may be for:

  • Whole school music curriculum planning, developing a scheme of work
  • Developing extra-curricular music, policy writing, resources audit
  • Monitoring and improvement; observation of lessons to evaluate quality of curriculum delivery
  • Ofsted recommendations for music, music lesson observation and feedback
  • Singing strategy consultation
  • Working effectively with visiting Associate Music Teachers
  • Helping senior leadership and Governors to recognise and encourage good teaching practices in music
  • Help music departments and leadership and Governors to ensure that music is valued and promoted in school.
  • A set of bespoke music development recommendations drawn up in partnership between the school and the Music Hub.  An offer of follow on support from SGMH in order to address these recommendations
  • For senior leaders: A greater understanding of best practice in music, and more accurately in appraising music in their schools.
1 -2 Hours              e.g. Staff meeting £170

Half day                  e.g. Developing a Scheme of Work £315

Full day                   e.g.  Lesson Observations and evaluations £525