Music Club

Pupils who have already completed a Music Explorers programme can continue to learn the following year.

  • Music Club is the ideal 30  week programme for those who have enjoyed  their Music Explorers  whole class teaching programme and want to continue to learn
  • This will be a large group lesson rather than a whole class creating a small ensemble. The bigger the group the cheaper the lesson will be
  • The minimum visit would be 40 minutes
  • Unlike Music Explorers, class teachers are not expected to be present
  • Students will have the opportunity to progress more quickly in a smaller group
  • A fully vetted and managed Associate Music Teacher with all appropriate disclosure and barring checks (DBS)
  • Associate Music Teachers who are Quality Assured – an observation moderation visit and feedback on an annual basis informed by school feedback
  • Music lessons in groups of  5 – 15 students  lasting up to an hour on a weekly basis throughout term time starting in September
  • A progressive teaching and learning programme with regular monitoring and access to qualification routes if required
  • A Playing@Home diary to support learning
  • All students keep their instrument free of charge until the end of Primary school in Year 6.
  • This offer also applies to all recorder and fife instrumentalists who may try another instrument other than the recorder or fife. E.g.clarinet/flute
  • Schools must provide a suitable learning environment for the lesson
  • Schools and parents/carers encourage learning, particularly playing at home and taking part in ensemble activity between lessons
  • To provide performance opportunities for the groups in school.  These can be led by the Associate Music Teacher at an additional cost.
  • Maintain communication with Music Hub staff and administration about potential changes to the visit schedule
  • While the first year of learning has to be free to the child, schools can choose to subsidise or recoup some or all of the cost of continuation from pupils
  • Booking a 40 – 60 minute lesson will enable children to learn as an ensemble – (large group). The bigger the group the cheaper the lesson will be.  Depending on the number of students who opt to continue the cost and time can be adapted
  • See example of costings on a 40 minute large group lesson at £34.85 an hour
  • Schools will have published remission schemes that usually provide some financial support for looked-after children or those who have registered and are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) and those in receipt of Pupil Premium Funding.

Example of costings

Number of Students 40 minute group lesson 2 terms = 10 weeks cost to schools Weekly cost to parents
15 £23.23 £232.30 £1.55
10 £23.23 £232.30 £2.32
5 £23.23 £232.30 £4.65