Hiring/loaning instruments

As part of our policy of trying to reduce costs to parents and schools, we have a number of instruments available to loan to children we teach.

  • Instruments are on loan from the Music Hub at a range of prices. This loan is on the proviso that the children receive instrumental lessons through the Music Hub at school.
  • Schools or parents may hire instruments. You will also be responsible for its maintenance and it should be returned in good condition when requested.
Instrument Cost per double term (12 weeks)
Flute £25
Clarinet – C and Bb £25
Oboe £25
Bassoon £50
Violin £20
Viola £20
Cellos – 3/4 size £25
Double bass – half size £30
Cornet £25
French horn – single £25
Baritone/Euphonium £25