Booking lessons

There are three different ways to learn a musical instrument with us:

Individual lesson – These lessons are a one to one session lasting 20 or 30 minutes. Each lesson is planned specifically for your child and after only a few lessons they will be ready to join one of our groups.

Group lesson – This is with three or more students sharing a 30 minute lesson and is a great way to start learning an instrument, especially with friends!

Paired lesson – This format is a 30 minute session shared between two students and allows more focussed time with each student, but with all the fun of learning with a friend.

If only one student wants a group or shared lesson, a waiting list is started until enough students of a similar standard sign up. In this regard students can stay on the waiting list, choose an individual lesson, or another instrument if no groups become available.

If you are interested in starting lessons you can email us for more information, or call us on 01454 863147. Once we know which school your child attends we can help you book lessons.

Instrumental lessons take place during the day at your school, or after school at our Little Stoke music centre and lessons can be booked through your school office team, or through a process after speaking with our support team.

After a few lessons every young musician will be ready to join a band or orchestra. For more information on our music groups please see the ‘Join a band or orchestra’ section.

Most schools administer instrumental lessons themselves. We charge these schools an hourly rate for our teachers to deliver lessons in school time. Schools will pass this cost onto parents and the price will vary according to the number of pupils taking part and the length of lessons. Please contact your school directly for more information on costs of lessons.

A few schools have asked us to bill parents directly for instrumental lessons taking place during the school day. Below are the prices for lessons we bill parents for in the 2019-20 academic year. The costs vary in each school but most schools adopt a similar pricing structure to our own. Schools are not legally permitted to make a profit from instrumental lessons so you can be assured the cost will be no higher than our direct fees.

Some schools help to support instrumental lessons through pupil premium funding or other funds. Please contact your child’s school directly to see if they will help cover some, or all lesson costs.

Direct cost to parents:

2019-20 30 minutes individual 20 minutes individual 30 minutes paired lesson 30 minutes group lesson
£189.00 for 10 lessons £126.00 for 10 lessons £94.50 for 10 lessons £63.00 for 10 lessons

We run our ensembles and bands at our two music development centres and one senior music centre. The membership prices for 2019-20 are for 10 weeks per term (Autumn, Spring and Summer)

Membership type Termly fee (2019-20)
Development centres: Beginner groups £32.55
Development centres: Intermediate and advanced groups £65.10
South Gloucestershire Senior Centre £65.10
South Gloucestershire Rock and Pop School £65.10
‘Let’s Rock’ holiday courses £129.00
Flutissimo £32.55