If you play violin, viola, cello or double bass you can join one of our string orchestras. They play lots of different types of music including film scores, rock and pop songs, musicals and classical pieces.

There are four different string groups depending on your playing ability. The grades are there as a guide – you do not need to pass an exam to join any ensemble.

Open strings

For beginner string players who have had five to ten lessons.

Crossing strings

Once players begin to play at a grade 1 level, they will be invited to this more advanced group.

The Bridge String Orchestra

Members of this orchestra have an ability range of Grade three to five standard. Members go through an informal audition process, as the students from this group are invited to national festivals and Music Hub European tours! The orchestra last performed at the Music for Youth Regional Festival in Cheltenham in March 2017.

Senior String Orchestra

This ensemble is formed of players at grade 5+ ability. The ensemble perform pieces from the string orchestra repertoire, as well as songs and film scores arranged for the group. Senior Strings also form part of the South Gloucestershire Youth Orchestra and are invited to play at local concerts, national festivals and international tours.

Chamber music

Members of senior centre can be invited to form a chamber ensemble to learn chamber music pieces. This is usually open to pupils at a grade 5+ level and can lead to many performance opportunities, both locally and at national festivals.