Woodwind, brass and percussion

Anyone learning a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument is invited to join one of our fantastic wind bands. The ensemble is set up like an orchestra with different instrument types in sections and the music played is often a mixture of famous film scores and musicals, alongside more traditional band music from classical to jazz.

First Blow

Beginner players who have been learning for a term are invited to join this band as soon as possible. It’s a great way to learn new skills and make faster progress.

Second Wind

Once players begin to play at grade 1 level they are invited to this more advanced group.

Western Wind Orchestra

Members of this ensemble have an ability range of grade 3-4 standard. Students from this group are invited to national festivals and Music Hub European tours, so all members undergo an informal audition process.

South Gloucestershire Youth Wind Orchestra

The wind orchestra performs both traditional wind orchestra repertoire and arrangements of pieces from films and musicals. Once students reach grade 5 standard they are invited to audition for senior centre and wind. Brass and percussion students can join both the wind and jazz orchestras. In 2015 the wind orchestra made their third appearance in five years at the National Festival of Music for Youth, giving a stunning performance in Symphony Hall Birmingham. Students from this ensemble also form part of the South Gloucestershire Youth Orchestra.


For more advanced flautists there are two Fluttissimo ensembles, including an intermediate and advanced group. Students gain expert tuition from professional flute players and members have the chance to play a range of different instruments, from piccolos to bass flutes. Fluttissimo last performed at the Music for Youth Regional Festival in Cheltenham in March 2017.

South Gloucestershire Youth Jazz Orchestra (SoGYJO)

Wind, brass and percussion students can join both the wind and jazz orchestras and once students reach grade 5 standard they are invited to audition for senior centre. The jazz orchestra is considered to be one of the best youth jazz ensembles in the region and they perform all types of jazz regularly at venues locally and across the country. The jazz orchestra have appeared at the Bristol International Jazz and Blues Festival and they often perform at the Music for Youth National Festival in Birmingham, most recently in July 2017.

Chamber music

Members of senior centre can be invited to form a chamber ensemble to learn chamber music pieces. This will usually be open to pupils at a grade 5+ level and can lead to many performance opportunities, both locally and at national festivals.