Pay your centre fees online

Our preference is that you pay Online.  You can also pay by cheque or cash at the Music Centre attended by your child.  Cheques should be made payable to SOUTH GLOUCESTERSHIRE COUNCIL – please write your child’s name and that of the Music Centre attended on the back of the cheque.  Receipts are issued for cash payments. No refunds will be made.  Details for online payments follow.

If you attend one of the South Gloucestershire Music Hub Music Centres, you can pay your termly fees online through the South Gloucestershire Council website.

To do this, visit the South Gloucestershire website (, then:

  • Click on the Pay tab which can be found at the top of the Home page

Choose the following:

– Other/General Invoices
– Other Payments
– Music Hub

A drop-down menu will appear with a list of options. Many of these options have a fixed fee attached, in which case you can go ahead and fill out the form to pay by card.

Some items, however (such as ‘Miscellaneous’ and those where you have more than one child in a Music Centre) require you to fill in the amount that you have to pay. In these you will either

  1. have been given the amount to pay, in which case, please fill in the ‘Amount’ box yourself,
  2. have been told how much to pay by a member of the Centre staff (or you can ask one next week), or
  3. contact us, and we will tell you.

Note that you can also pay for South Gloucestershire instrument hire via this site, but we’re sorry that you cannot pay for school instrumental sessions in this way – please ask your school about these payments.