Events and exams

South Gloucestershire Music Hub run numerous events throughout the year, so there is plenty to choose from. Current and updated details are available on our online calendar and Facebook page, and there are lots of opportunities for children and young people to perform or create music, so come along, join in and get involved!

Our music centre ensembles perform regularly at end of term concerts and music festivals across different venues and children’s tickets for these events are often free of charge.


While exams aren’t essential, they’re a useful way to judge your child’s progress as they learn an instrument. Some pupils find it useful to have a goal with a deadline to push themselves to work even harder, so a graded exam can be helpful.

There are several levels of exams, from ‘initial grades’ through to diplomas. Depending on the instrument and how regularly your child practises, you can probably expect to take your grade one exam within a year or two of starting lessons. Grade five is roughly equivalent to GCSE standard and grade eight is about A level standard. You can get UCAS points for grades six to eight.