Curriculum Music/PPA Lessons

These are music lessons provided in schools throughout the school day to deliver classroom music curriculum at primary or secondary level, as determined by the school in collaboration with us.

What do we provide?

  • Fully qualified, experienced music teachers
  • Music lessons on a weekly basis through term time, with the length of the lesson determined by the school in collaboration with us
  • Regular monitoring and assessments which deliver a progressive learning process

What responsibilities do schools have?

  • Schools must provide a suitable learning environment for the lessons
  • To provide access to a piano/keyboard/interactive white board technology and access to the internet if required
  • Liaise with the music teacher about any specific requirements connected with the curriculum to enable effective planning to be carried out and ensure the work is linked to the school’s overarching scheme of work for music
  • Liaise with the music teacher about any situations that may affect the delivery of the lesson, in advance where possible e.g. school trips
  • Advise the music teacher about any students with special learning needs which may affect the learning of those students

What does the cost include?

  • A fully vetted and managed Associate Music Teacher(s) with DBS checks
  • All Associate Music Teachers are quality assured by an observation moderation visit, along with feedback on an annual basis, which is informed by school input
  • Teacher with QTS qualifications who can deliver class music lessons
  • Submission of year end assessments for school reports
  • The provision of PPA time to the teacher as part of the package

What if I need instruments or curriculum advice?

  • The Music and Arts Strategy Manager is available to visit your school to carry out an instrumental audit. This visit includes advice on replacing and expanding your school’s instrumental resources, or support for the overall development of your curriculum

What does it cost?

  • One hour of classroom curriculum provision costs £56.32