KS1-2 Assessment maps

Progression and assessment maps help support primary and instrumental teachers with years one to six in the music curriculum. The maps provide some guidance and suggestions for activities and assessment linked to the attainment targets of the National Curriculum for Music for each year group and are also designed to support music co-ordinators measure attainment and monitor progress within primary music. They are not however, check lists for class teachers to work through.

Who are these maps aimed at?

  • All staff will find them useful to both plan and monitor their music provision for each year group. Suggested activities associated at each level are flexible and may give staff ideas of other activities and resources to utilise
  • The music co-ordinator and senior management will find them very useful to identify expectations and progress in music across the year groups
  • Class teachers will find the maps useful guidelines to indicate expectations in music. Familiarity with the attainment targets for music will help ensure that music planning covers the range of activities expected, ensuring the breadth of skills are taught across the year
  • The assessment statements can also help explain/devise/find suitable activities, especially for non-specialist teachers and the ‘I can’ statements are suggestions of attainment for each year group for all abilities

Why are the maps useful?

  • National Curriculum levels for all subjects ceased from September 2014 and like other foundation subjects, there is no guidance for music assessment. Overall the maps are a good foundation for supporting a school’s tracking and assessment programme in this area
  • Schools need to work out what they want pupils in their schools to be able to do, know and understand in music and the maps will help support this process
  • They are also useful for non-specialist teachers teaching class music, as it gives them plain guidance and support

What does it cost?

Assessment maps only cost £15 a copy. You can either contact us at the music hub, or purchase them through the Times Education Supplement click here