Let’s Sing!

This is a five week singing programme available to any class or year group and provides a progressive learning process with a performance opportunity. However, schools may book as many sessions as they wish throughout the year. There is also an opportunity for class teachers with regards to their Staff Professional Development, as they witness the skills and access resources to enhance singing in school or the classroom.

What do the Music Hub provide?

  • Fully qualified and experienced teachers who are passionate about singing
  • Full support and guidance, along with a repertoire to suit your needs

What responsibilities do schools have?

  • To provide suitable spaces for each type of activity being delivered, e.g classroom or hall
  • To provide access to a piano/keyboard/interactive white board technology and access to the internet if required
  • To liaise with the music teacher about any specific requirements connected with the curriculum to enable effective planning to be carried out
  • To advise the music teacher about any students with special learning needs, which may affect the learning of those students
  • To provide performance opportunities for the students at the end of the programme

What does it cost?

  • Tuition for one hour for five weeks, which includes one visiting staff member, cost £85.00
  • These prices are subsidised by the music hub and charges are made termly in arrears
  • The ‘Charges for Music Tuition (England) Regulations 2007’ make it clear that charges may not be passed on to parents for any teaching provided under the ‘Let’s Sing’ programme, as part of the first access KS2 instrumental and vocal tuition programme