Instrumental tuition

This musical instrument lessons which are provided in schools throughout the school day and cover all student age groups. Lessons usually start in September but can also commence at any other time in the academic year.

What do the Music Hub provide?

  • Music lessons are provided for individual students or groups, and typically last for a minimum of 20 minutes on a weekly basis, throughout the term
  • As part of this progressive teaching and learning programme, you receive regular monitoring and access to qualification routes if required
  • A minimum visit time of 30 minutes

What responsibilities do schools have?

  • Schools must provide a suitable learning environment for the lesson
  • Schools and parents/carers encourage learning for their child, particularly playing at home and taking part in ensemble activity between lessons
  • Ensure parents and carers purchase relevant music books and consumables like strings, reeds etc
  • Ensure parents and carers pay for children’s examination fees and related costs
  • Ensure communication is maintained with music hub teams and administration staff about potential changes to the visit schedule

What does it cost?

  • Schools are charged an hourly rate of £35.72. The minimum time for a lesson is 20 minutes, although 30 minutes is recommended
  • As a guide, the minimum recommended group sizes are 20 or 30 minutes for an individual lesson, 30 minutes for a shared lesson, and 30 minutes for a group lesson of three to four students

What does the cost include?

  • A fully vetted and managed Associate Music Teacher(s) with DBS checks
  • All Associate Music Teachers are quality assured by an observation moderation visit, along with feedback on an annual basis which is informed by school input
  • Associate music teachers who can access up to five days CPD to ensure consistency of practice, enhancement of skills and pedagogy and up to date knowledge on music policy
  • Additional opportunities to support the learning process e.g. music theory, examinations, orchestras, bands and choirs, advice and guidance on instrumental purchase
  • Secondary schools receive information regarding Y6 transfers, which lists all the Y6 students currently receiving tuition from the hub who will be coming to their school in September.

Is there any financial support available?

  • There is no remission scheme provided by the music hub. Schools will have published remission schemes that usually provide some financial support for looked-after children, or those who have registered and are eligible for free school meals (FSM), as well as those in receipt of pupil premium funding.