KS1 music classes

What is it and who is it for?

The project offers an opportunity to work towards a celebratory concert featuring songs written for Key Stage 1 pupils. The specially written songs and resources focus on carefully developing musical skills, primarily in pulse and pitch, and instrumental skills in pitched and unpitched percussion.

What do the Music Hub provide?

  • We supply all instruments and resources
  • The session is delivered in a whole class setting by one Associate Music Teacher
  • We provide advice and information to meet with your school’s individual needs.

What responsibilities do schools have?

  • To provide suitable spaces for each type of activity being delivered, e.g classroom or hall
  • To ensure that the class teacher is present and participating at all times. These sessions should not to be treated as PPA time. If a session is delivered without the classroom teacher present and participating in the learning, then an additional charge of £36.38 will be incurred as if this were a PPA session
  • To ensure support to the Associate Music Teacher in the management of behaviour
  • To monitor the care and safety of the instruments provided
  • To ensure that regular planning and evaluation sessions take place with staff to support the activity
  • To provide performance opportunities for the students where available

Costs and what’s included

  • A 10 week series of lessons for one class is £230 and two classes is £410
  • A 30 minute lesson with 15 minutes planning, liaison, and set up
  • These prices are subsidised by the Music Hub and charges will be made termly in arrears
  • A fully vetted and managed Associate Music Teacher(s) with DBS
  • All Associate Music Teachers are Quality Assured by an observation moderation visit, along with feedback on an annual basis which is informed by school feedback
  • All resources and topic related materials including instrument provision
  • Each session is for a maximum of 32 pupils