Terms and conditions for instrumental/vocal tuition in schools and music centres

By applying for lessons and/or to attend a music centre school with the South Gloucestershire Music Hub (SGMH) you agree to the following terms and conditions as shown below.
For the purpose of this agreement a ‘term’ refers to a three term academic year: autumn, spring and summer.

Instrumental/vocal tuition in schools

  • 30 lessons will be delivered per year
  • Individual lessons are offered for 20 or 30 minutes duration
  • Paired lessons are offered in groups of two students for 30 minutes duration
  • Small group lessons are offered in groups of three to four students for 30 minutes duration
  • If in a group lesson the number of students drops below the minimum number, SGMH will endeavour to teach the remaining student(s) in another appropriate group. If a suitable group cannot be found, the tuition offered would need to be altered and the necessary fee increase paid. This would be discussed with the parent/carer when SGMH knows of the altered booking
  • SGMH will decide the appropriate grouping of students, depending on the number of students requiring lessons, their standard of playing and compatibility of instrument
  • SGMH reserves the right to change teaching personnel, lesson times and groupings where necessary and will notify parents and schools of any changes to those lesson arrangements. We always work closely with the school to agree suitable lesson times
  • Teaching will normally take place during the school day, but some tuition may take place before or after normal school hours, as well as during break and lunch times.

Cost of lessons

Charges for lessons are set for the whole academic year. For 2019 – 2020 these are:

  • Individual lessons 20 minutes duration – £126 for ten lessons
  • Individual lessons 30 minutes duration – £189 for ten lessons
  • Paired lessons 30 minutes duration – £94.50 for ten lessons
  • Small group (three to four students) 30 minutes duration – £63 for ten lessons

Missed lessons/refunds

It is the responsibility of the student to arrive on time for lessons. SGMH will not refund missed lessons where:

  • The student has failed to arrive for a lesson
  • The student is not available for any reason e.g. illness, school trip, appointment elsewhere, school closure for bad weather
  • SGMH will make every effort to reschedule lessons where possible, but cannot guarantee to do so.

SGMH will refund/re-schedule missed lessons where:

  • The SGMH teacher is unavailable
  • The school has an OFSTED inspection and does not wish teaching to take place
  • If a student is away from school for more than three consecutive weeks in a term due to a long-term illness, SGMH will make every effort to refund up to one term of tuition fees. A doctor’s certificate will need to be supplied
  • Refunds will only be made at the end of the academic year, once the opportunity has been given to make up for missed lessons by the teacher.


  • Our primary method of communication is by email

Cancellation of tuition

  • We encourage your child to learn a musical instrument for at least a year but, if for any reason you wish to cancel your child’s lessons, notice must be provided direct to SGMH via an email according to the cancellation dates as shown below. Cancellation notifications should be sent to: musicservice@southglos.gov.uk
  • We will be unable to accept cancellations via your child’s teacher or school
  • All cancellation requests will be acknowledged within five working dates of receipt.

SGMH cancellation deadlines

  • To stop lessons at the end of the autumn term you must give written notice by Monday 21 October 2019
  • To stop lessons at the end of the spring term you must give written notice by Monday 10 February 2020
  • To stop lessons at the end of the summer term you must give written notice by Monday 18 May 2020
  • Please note that all cancellation dates are non-negotiable
  • In the event the student withdraws from lessons without giving notice as above, no refunds will be given
  • Lessons will roll over into the following school year unless you cancel, or your child is leaving the school at the end of Y6.

Payment terms

  • Fees must be paid termly in advance
  • Invoices will be issued via email by South Gloucestershire Council
  • Tuition will not commence until payment has been made.

Assistance with fees

  • Your child’s school may offer reduced fees for students who are registered at their school as eligible for free school meals, or where the family income is less than £25,000. Individual schools may also subsidise tuition for those studying for a GCSE, BTEC, A level or any other recognised qualification in music. If this is the case, we will be informed on the level of subsidy and we will include this in our discussions with you over payment.

Children in care (Looked after children)

  • If the child is in local authority care all provision/hire is free. If this applies to your child, please inform the music service directly. Please note that lessons for children in care are normally offered as group lessons.

Additional costs

  • Students will need tutor books for their lessons. Parents/carers are responsible for purchasing books promptly at the request of the teacher. Other costs such as entry for examinations (which are not compulsory), will also be charged to the parent/carer.


  • It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to provide an instrument for the lesson. Some instruments are available to hire from SGMH or from the school
  • The Assisted Purchase Scheme allows you to purchase an instrument from a music shop for your child at an educational discount i.e. minus the VAT. Should you wish to take advantage of this scheme please contact SGMH for further details.
  • Musical instruments should be insured
  • SGMH does not accept liability for damage to an instrument left in a school, or damaged in a lesson

Progress reports

  • As part of their tuition, we issue each student with a ‘Playing@home Diary’ at no additional cost. The diary should be brought to every lesson where it is used to set targets and to report on an interim basis. A full written report will be made available at during term 5/6
  • If the diary is lost, a replacement may be purchased, or a copy downloaded from the SGMH website.

How to enrol your child for instrumental lessons at school

  • Register your interest online at https://live.paritor.com/p/1748
  • Students will be allocated to a group as soon as possible. The availability of a teacher cannot be guaranteed, especially where a teacher is not currently available on the requested instrument at the school. A waiting list will be created and every effort will be made to ensure tuition commences as soon as possible. This will normally be at the beginning of a term. If tuition begins in the middle of a ten week cycle, tuition will be charged pro rata according to the number of lessons remaining in the cycle. The SGMH will then contact you to discuss final arrangements and payment
  • Confirmation of instrumental lessons will be given as soon as the SGMH has arranged the timetables. A copy will still be sent to you and displayed in the school.

Music centres


  • SGMH provides 30 music centre sessions over the three term academic year. Due to the uneven length of school terms the number of sessions offered in each term may vary.


  • Fees are reviewed annually. A summary of our fees is available on request from the SGMH office and are clearly stated on the webpage of each music centre
  • Membership fees are payable for a term: autumn, spring and summer. Invoices are sent out during September, January and April and payment is due upon receipt of the invoice
  • No charge will be made if families are in receipt of income support, free schools meals or maximum tax credit. Evidence of exemption will be required
  • Sibling reductions apply
  • Children in care (Looked after children) may attend free of charge.

Payment terms

  • Fees must be paid termly in advance
  • Invoices will be issued via email by South Gloucestershire Council
  • Membership will not commence until payment has been made
  • Additional charges may be incurred for extra activities throughout the year. Notice will be given of this and attendance will not be compulsory
  • To assist with planning, we ask parents to notify us as soon as possible if their child wishes to stop attending classes. All notifications must be made via email to the head of centre and sent to: musicservice@southglos.gov.uk
  • There will be no refunds for sessions stopped by inclement weather, like snow, or any other unforeseen circumstances. Where possible, any missed dates will be made up prior to the end of the academic year
  • Session dates will be advised at the start of each academic year.


  • From time to time there will be auditions for students to allow their progress through the ensembles. Positioning of students within the ensembles will be at the discretion of the tutor/director and their decisions will be final
  • All SGMH ensembles and groups rely on the commitment of all users and staff. There is therefore an expectation to attend all sessions and arrive on time each week.


  • SGMH only accepts responsibility for students during actual session time. At all other times responsibility for the student lies with parents/carers.
  • Parents/carers agree to provide instruments, music and accessories as required.


  • SGMH does not accept liability for loss or damage to students’ instruments or personal possessions. Parents/carers should arrange appropriate insurance for these items.


  • Students are expected to behave in a responsible and courteous manner at all times, to attend tuition sessions regularly and to practise between sessions. Please refer to the Safeguarding notice for reference.
  • Disruptive or anti-social behaviour by either the student or by the parent/carer may result in membership of the centre being withdrawn. No credits will be given in such circumstances.

How to enrol your child at a music centre

  • Attendance at SGMH ensembles will only be possible after completion of the SGMH online enrolment and payment process (Live Parent).
  • Register your interest online at https://live.paritor.com/p/1748

Changes to terms and conditions

  • SGMH will review these terms and conditions on an annual basis
  • Charges will be reviewed on an annual basis by the council’s Policy and Resources Committee
  • Should any changes occur they will not be implemented until the start of the next academic year. Parents/carers will be notified of these changes as soon as possible.

Contacting the South Gloucestershire Music Hub
Any comments should be sent in writing to Richard Jones, Music and Arts Strategy Manager, South Gloucestershire Music Hub, Little Stoke Primary School, Little Stoke Lane, Little Stoke BS34 6HY or email to: richard.jones2@southglos.gov.uk